Dr. Stone Kraushaar – The Hug Doctor – joins host Ryan Wrecker

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The Hug Doctor ((Dr. Stone Kraushaar)) joins host Ryan Wrecker to educate him on the often taken for granted act of hugging.

The Hug Doctor is authoring a new book entitled “Hug Therapy: A 21 Day Hugging Journey to Embracing Yourself, Your Life, and Everyone Around You.”

The Hug Doctor even convinces Ryan to start his own 21-day hug challenge, which Wrecker immediately accepts by hugging listeners on the air! Find out how powerful virtual hugs are and how much his listeners love Ryan Wrecker. The Hug Doctor was truly honored to be able to spend time with Ryan and can’t wait to see what comes next.

One of the things that Ryan Wrecker started off with was hugging his dog. ((See his twitter link below)) The on-air host was initially reluctant regarding the longer hugs and even said that he has “disdain for hugging.” The Hug Doctor explained that he sees everything through the lens of a hug. He discussed with Ryan how from The Hug Doctor’s perspective Ryan Wrecker discovering his favorite “dog portrait” was a HUGe hug as well as how Ryan got cardinals tickets for his son. Listen as The Hug Doctor shares how a self-hug is anytime that we do something that really lights us up and leaves us appreciating what we really have in this moment.

The true value of a 21 day hugging journey is to be able to have access to better understanding what really matters to us and to having increased access to taking action in ((the space of a hug.)) How will you hug yourself today? How many hugs will you have with your friends and family today? Will you slow down enough to really appreciate who you are hugging and let them know what they mean to you? What if this were the last time you could ever hug them? Not in a heavy get down kind of a way, more in a let me truly value and soak up all the joy this moment holds because nothing is guaranteed. Or as Ryan Wrecker put it #youmightgethitbyabushug! Once you hug yourself you are in the best place to spread that hug out into the world. This might be raising money for your favorite charity or anything else that has the impact in the world that really matters to you.

It was a great honor for The Hug Doctor to be on OOOOOOOOOOVernight America and he looks forward to more collaboration going forward. Thank you to CBS St. Louis and the entire KMOX team.