Hugging Pickleball

Hugging Pickleball – What the Heck does that mean?

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  I want to share a hug I have discovered this year and some of the reasons that I love it so much. You may take this particular sport on yourself and my hope is that you will feel my passion for it and be increasingly aware of the passion you have for certain activities how you embrace them and …

Podcast with Jennifer Hurvitz

Dr. Stone Kraushaar – The Hug Doctor – joins host Jennifer Hurvist

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 Click to listen to my podcast interview with Jennifer Hurvist. Being on Jennifer’s podcast and in her space was such a joy. She is truly the “space of a hug” and I am honored that she has taken on the 21-day hugging journey with the daily self-hug of yoga and excited to see where she takes it! She always …

The Hugging Laser

Dr. Stone 21 Day Hugging Journey

I consult at various agencies and when I went to work yesterday I learned tragically that a 17y/o boy died suddenly and unexpectedly with no medical history.  He was a completely healthy young man. A teenager who was respected by his peers and very likable by all accounts. He had just played an amazing first half in a competitive organized …