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When all is said and done, we have this moment and only this moment. On one hand, we know this is true; but on the other hand, we live as if we have an endless supply of moments that will never run out. The challenge is to believe it deep inside and to be aware of as many of our moments as possible. To do this, you must pay attention not only to what you take in through your senses but also how you are affected by what you see and hear and feel.

I would like to share with you a meditation that demonstrates what I experienced one morning, as I became aware of the lovely scene outside my window. This was my experience; yours will be quite different. I had probably looked out of that window hundreds of times in the past, but this time with different. This time I was totally there, in the moment, paying attention to every detail. You may find that listening to my words or reading them on the page will help you feel grounded, as I did, or you may wish to write or record your own meditation. For now, just sit with me and see what I see.

As I write this, it’s 6:36 AM on a Thursday morning, and I’m looking out of my bedroom window into a forest. In the foreground is a beautiful, gnarled tree with many bends and twists in its branches. The tree stands proudly by itself; yet it is not alone. It is surrounded by other trees. The depth and richness of the rest of the forest is captivates my attention. A few suggestions of green hint at the coming of spring, but mostly I see shades of brown. The light is shining softly through the branches and highlighting various trees, some thick, some thin.

The whole picture is woven together in a magical way. It’s perfect. I can hear the birds chirping lightly in the background and, occasionally, the sound of a car passing by. I didn’t intend to spend my morning this way. I meant to review my notes for the book I’m writing and planning to complete this year. I think of it as “our” book because, as I write, I will be seeking your feedback and incorporating your thoughts. This book will be our collaborative project.

For the moment, though, I am immersed in this perfect moment. I want you to know that wherever you are right now is also perfect. Try to slow down and observe your surroundings. Take a few deep breaths, and be fully present. Accept this special time of the day just as it is. Accept that, just as it is perfect, whole, and complete, so are you.

Each one of the hundreds of trees I see outside my window is perfect. Some are slender; some are in bands together; some are wavy and bumping into others. The taller ones have the blue sky blasting out in the background, and the shorter ones are waiting to grow. Each branch, each piece of bark, each leaf is perfect, just as you and I are perfect.

Let this wash over you. Any time you feel overwhelmed or lost, come back to this moment and get in touch with how perfect you are, just as these trees are. You have everything you need. You may want things, and you may create things. But you need nothing. You already have it all. You are already perfect, whole, and complete.

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  1. Sometimes in life it is hard to slow down and this is a great tool to appreciate what really matters.

  2. I think this meditation you are describing is a ‘remembering’ of our own very divinity. It’s beautiful, simple and it works! Great job, Dr. Stone.

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