“The Hug Doctor is currently available for speaking engagements including keynotes, seminars, workshops and panels. He is available to speak about the following topics:

  • Activism in our communities from a heart/hug centered place
  • Having a harmonious and effective working environment
  • Utilizing the hug to live in the present moment and get clear about core values
  • Multiculturalism embracing and honoring each other
  • Team building in ((the space of a hug))
  • Radical transparency – how ((truth in love)) works powerfully at home, at work and all of life

Most recently he was invited to speak as a hugging expert at the 32nd annual National Hugging Day event at Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles.  He was HUGely excited as a founding member of The Hug Alliance http://www.thehugalliance.net/ to be a part of bringing together people of over 40 different nationalities and leading them in the world’s largest 21 second hug.

Stone has also been pleased to be able to present his views on the power of hugging in the United States and Europe.  He welcomes the opportunity to speak about the impact of longer hugs, going on 21 day hugging journeys and living in ((the space of a hug)).


Contact The Hug Doctor to have him speak at your next event.