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Hi!  The Hug Doctor here. 

I am so glad that you are visiting my profile and starting to explore what we can create together.  Needless to say, I believe very deeply in the power of hugging and how The Hug and seeing our lives through the lens of a hug can powerfully impact everything

I hope that you will delve into your own profile and share your rich hugging experiences as a resource to future hugging members. 

The profiles are an awesome place to chronicle your own journey for posterity and also to share with others and inspire them.

I have been on many 21 day hugging journeys to the point where I have lost count and some of them have been captured on Facebook LIve while others have been more personal.  Regardless, of how feels right to you, determine that and then jump into hugging action.  Remember, this doesn't necessarily mean physical hugging this is also all about hugging your fitness, your finances, or your personal growth (just to name a few).  

We at Hugging Central super excited that I now have this tool to do a better job of keeping track of what I am discovering and being able to share and learn from members of this unique and rich community.   The journeys can teach us about perseverance,  freedom, having more fun and even failing powerfully :).

The key is learning these lessons in the

((space of a hug))

and continuing to help the power of the hugging technology to grow.  

I most recently completed a 21 day hugging yoga journey and as I write this I am on day 4 of a 21 day Mother's day hugging journey with my sister in California as my Hugging Accountability Buddy.  We are both doing meditation for 21 days and sharing with each other on a daily basis about what our mom means and meant to us. 

We lost her over 20 years ago when I was 25 years old.  I use this as a reminder to myself about how nothing is promised and how important it is to hug our loved ones and be fully present when we are hugging to appreciate it and have gratitude for those we care about deeply. 

One of the things that I often say when I am having a 21 second or longer hug with someone or coaching someone on a hug is to start hugging people like it is the last time you might ever be able to hug them.  It can be powerful to use the longer hug as a place to speak to your loved ones radically transparently and tell them what they really mean to you.  I liked the hashtag that jokingly and seriously came from my being on Overnight America with Ryan Wrecker.  #youmightgethitbyabushug

Tell us all about your 21 Day Hugging Journey

Father's Day HUGGing Journey and Won't you be my Neighbor?

Wow.  I think end of June beginning of July I will be on three hugging journey's at the same time!  The thing to remember is they can take as much or little  time as you determine and the results are fun, rewarding and inspiring.

Let me explain.  I started off on a journey at the beginning of this month with Cole H. and The Hugging Ambassador, Gary Havel Jr.  We agreed we would do 21 pushups each day as the foundation of the journey of our ((Self-Hug)) and support each other.  Than Gary suggested that we do 22 push ups each day in honor of the veterans that are lost to suicide each day and to have us reminded of this staggering number and thinking about how to make a difference.  We have reached out to the Wounded Warrior project and are waiting to hear back.

Now today, Father's day I am beginning a Father's day hugging journey with my dad!  And I am in communication with the Hugging Ambassador, Lisa F. about joining her on her next hugging journey which she is hugstorming on and will likely be tied to being grounded and the power of having our bare feet on the ground outside in nature or even on manmade pavement.  More to come...

Sending everyone a HUGe father's day weekend virtual hug with lightness, joy and the beauty of creating possibilities and moving in that direction.

P.S. Check out this movie Won't you be my neighbor?  Delightful, touching and inspiring.  One critic said "you want to hug this documentary."

Day 21

This one went buy in a blur and I am proud to report that I meditated for 21 days in a row.  Some days were much more challenging than others.  I meditated for about 5 minutes each day, and each day it gave me a better sense of how much my mind was racing and helped to ground me in what really matters to me.  I also mixed in a lot of yoga and connected on a deeper level with my sister and felt more connected to my mom who I lost over 20 years ago.  It was definitely a success and now I am starting to plan for my Father's day hugging journey coming up in just a few weeks!  Of course I will be doing lots of hugging in the interim for anyone who wants one and I'll do my best to hug myself ((lots and lots))

Day 8

Wow.  Where to begin.  It's 4:52 pm and it's already been a day of massive awesome hugging.  Spent a lot of quality time with the Hugging Ambassador, Gary Havel Jr. and got some clarity on the power of hugging.  Was in communication with my sister and we shared stories of our childhood (via text) and both did our daily meditation.  Just spoke with my downstairs neighbor's who moved here from Peru and got to the see the world through the lens of a 5 year old.  Super excited about life and what it means to see it richly and through the lens of a hug.

Day 6 on my 21 day hug journey in honor of my mom Judy who I lost over two decades ago

Continuing on with my sister on this journey and feeling more and more connected with her even though we live so far apart.  Spoke with my dad who is inspired about our journey and is going to send some pictures of when we were kids.  I did meditation this morning and really appreciate and feel inspired by how much connection can be created on this journey.  I was also struck today by how my sister and I will both be on this journey on mother's day and that my sister is a mother.  Today I told her by text what an amazing mother I think that she is and this really felt beautiful to me on all levels. 

Day 4

Started off the day with meditation and yoga. Haven't meditated in what feels like forever since I started this journey.  I have felt like I am constantly having long hugs with deep breathing and that this has been my mediation of sorts.  It has been beautiful and powerful and I have loved every long hug and it is cool to be embracing meditation in it's original form.  As I continue to work on the process of getting Hug Therapy published so many ideas are whirling around in my head and to be able to let them each come up and go as only meditation can allow was rich.  Getting up early tomorrow morning (which is a Saturday!) to do some meditation and go for a little jog and have breakfast with my daughter.

The other important thing I wanted to say about today was that I texted with my sister and hugging accountability buddy (the first time a member of my family is a hugging accountability buddy and I'm super excited about that).  Although my one and only sister and sibling and I are very close she lives in California and I am in Missouri and so often we get busy and have a hard time connecting for a number of days in a row.  Today we texted about some memories of my mom.  It was just a few brief texts and they reminded me of my past and my mom in ways I haven't thought about in years.  It was a lovely hug.  My sister reminded of the tetherball we used to have in our front yard and how I used to play with friends and my sister.  It was a very visceral memory and I don't think it ever would have happened if I wasn't on this journey and been bold to ask my sister to join me.  I could feel the tether ball and imagine I was like 8 years old as I looked out across "the ditch" as we called it that ran out in the front of our house growing up in Wyoming.  Crazy where the time goes.  Now I am 46.  It makes me wonder if I will blink and be 74,  I am grateful for that memory and to my sister.  I have a feeling that it is going to help me sleep more soundly tonight.  I am generally a good sleeper and something about those exchanges, even by text, seemed to land just right.  The thing about these 21 day hugging journeys is you can have an idea and a path that starts the journey, such as being closer to my sister and reminiscing about our mom because it's mother's day this month and once you start to really hug yourself and the moment - lots of cool things start to open up.  More hugs to follow

Reminds me of something that I said for awhile on my first facebook live journey

"your mom was right, hugging is the answer."

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