National Hugging Day 2018

Dr. Stone Hugging Events

NHD 2018 was a HUGe inspiration, the way people from all over the country and the world became more meaningfully connected.  This is a day created to ground us and remind us of the power of hugs.  Kevin Zaborney had the wisdom to create it back in 1986 with the humble and beautiful plan to bring families and friends closer.  He thought that after the winter holidays and before Valentines day people often felt an emotional slump and sometimes disconnected.  He created this day to remind us of how humans are loving and social creatures and for us to embrace those connections.

This year The Hug Alliance created by The Hug Store’s Rick Morrison and Judy Julin reached out to a number of founding members to produce this event.  I couldn’t be more proud or honored to be part of this epic Hugging time in history.  We were lucky and blessed to have Huggies and some other amazing sponsors this year.

The event took place at The Agape Spiritual Center in LA and we worked with Guinness World Records to set a record for the largest 21 second hug in history with the most nationalities from all of the world.  To set the record we would need to have 50 or more and we had 42 this year.  Although we didn’t set the record this year; the energy around having people working together around connection and unity from all over the world was inspiring and the energy in the room was intense, beautiful and powerful.  It was also streamed live all over the world.  And know that The Hug Doctor and The Hug Alliance are deeply committed to breaking that record.  Check your calendar and if you are a citizen of any country in the world with a current passport please reserve the date January 21st 2019 and let us know if we can count on you to be in LA to make hugging history!

The day had many amazing components.  The Hug Alliance members came together powerfully for the first time creating hugging magic.

One of my favorite was the 21 second Hugging Zone that I set up to talk about the power and benefits of longer hugs and stepping out of our comfort zones and into the Hugging Zone.  To be clear the Hugging Zone can be actual hugs or us pushing ourselves to go after whatever really matters to us.  This could be the ((self hug)) of better fitness, the hug of raising money or resources for a worthy cause ((Give more Hugs)) or creating the unity of bringing families closer together ((Dr. Nelly))

The point is it involves leading with your heart and allowing the “space of a hug” to enhance connection and love in the world.

I could go on and on, probably my other favorite is that I had/have HUG ZONE shaved in the back of my head and was able to have this colored in with markers by Shana Morrison co-author of The Hug Store as well as approximately 5 other children.  It was so much fun for them to have the excitement and silliness of coloring in the hug.  It represents how as we come together in a space of fun and healthy connection that we empower and inspire other to make the world a better place.

I also had two amazing connections at the event with Lisa Ferrin and Dr. Nelly both of whom are currently on a 21 day hugging journey.  Lisa working on a 21 day hugging journey with The Hugging Ambassador, Gary Havel Jr. as her hugging accountability body.  Dr. Nelly with her hugging accountability buddy  her dear Friend Angela Arnold-brownlee and both of them working with their daughters and Give More Hugs on a book drive.  I want to acknowledge them each for being leaders and huggers and thank them for the hugs that they are spreading already and all the hugs they plan.  The upshot is that as we become more connected with each other and clear of our intention that we can create so much on so many levels.  I am so grateful to live in a time with so many amazing huggers and ecstatic about what we will create as we become more and more connected.  ((After all the Hug is both the secret to inner and world peace))  Remember my prescription to you is more and longer hugs.  Hugs are VITAMINS FOR THE SOUL.

Remember you can start a hugging journey at anytime and below are the action steps to begin.  Here at Hugging Central we are focusing on a big group launching their 21 day Hugging Journeys on Valentines day.  Want to join us?

Start your 21 Day Hugging Journey NOW!