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I was driving in the car with my daughter and we were having a lovely afternoon. The next thing I know this grey Subaru was pushing into my lane. I took evasive action, and without thinking yelled out “Moranus”, startling myself and my daughter. My daughter just looked at me a little confused because first of all it’s not really a word and secondly I had said it with intensity, frustration, and even hostility. As the Hug Doctor, I see things through the lens of a hug. I work to stay in “the space of a hug” and I am a pretty even-keeled guy in general so she was just as surprised as I. Particularly at using a word I didn’t even know.

My survival mechanism had kicked in and my heart was pounding. As he drove away, I examined the strange maybe canoe or kayak rack on top of the car that had “attacked” me and my daughter. My blood pressure and heartbeat started to come back down and we began to analyze and be amused by my word choice.

Moranus – a word I had never used before and made up in the heat of the moment. Was I wanting to call him a moron, ignorant, an ignoramus? At that moment, unable to process it or speak clearly, I just blurted out something heated and nonsensical. It speaks to how quickly our safety/defense mechanism can kick in and how quickly a physiological response in our body is activated and we are ready to fight/flight or freeze.

I believe these are the moments that can result in heated arguments, fistfights, or even war. The more we can become aware of our automatic reaction (often pretty extreme) as humans and become present to what really matters to us the better. After all, this Subaru driver was likely a lovely person who only unintentionally and possibly even unknowingly swerved into my lane a little bit and in a moment I was on the offensive yelling a word I didn’t even know.

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