Little things make a HUGe difference

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Little things make a HUGe difference – May 29th, 2019


The other morning driving I was totally absorbed and very “in my head” focused on all the potential stresses of the upcoming day.  I didn’t really notice, and I was driving down a quaint neighborhood street to my consulting job. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a tall stranger walking down the sidewalk.  I think he caught my attention because he was quite tall and very adorably his young daughter (maybe 3-4 years old) was high up on his shoulders.  Just as I glanced over he waved at me.  Maybe he thought he knew me or maybe he was just being friendly.  Regardless in that moment I was struck by how we are deeply connected and felt a warm peaceful feeling.  It reminded me how each seemingly little thing we do in the world to be more connected has a ripple effect. Keep it up dear fellow humans. Together we are moving in the right direction one hug-step at a time.

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