Hugging Life Snapshot Post Evaluation

Congratulations! You made it through the 21 Days!

Now that you’ve completed your 21-Day Hugging Journey please fill out the Hugging Life Snapshot Post Evaluation to see how you feel overall. Remember, you can use this as a launch pad for your next journey at any time.


Health – 4.0 – This area improved a bit.  I am not sure if I am that much more fit and I just don’t seem to be as focused on my thighs.  I am more appreciating what my body is capable of and enjoying it.  I have always wanted to run a 10K and now I think I might just plan for it in the next few months.  I have a good friend who was super interested in my journey and it could be really fun to do the next one with him or maybe even my office. I  haven’t quit smoking and I am smoking less and bet I will quit in the next 6 months.  Go me!

Family – 7.0 – A no-brainer.  Yes, still a 7, and now I would say a 7+  I am spending more time with them and I am being more conscious about when and how long I hug them and more importantly really letting them know what they mean to me.

Career– 5.0 – Still the same.  Haven’t really focused on this area and yet I am feeling a bit better overall.  Blessed and fortuitous on some levels, good job, pays well, solid benefits and some flexibility with my work hours – feel good about going to work and that I am doing something meaningful although not sure it is the right career for me or my “dream job.” Have been there for 12 years now and I am not sure if I am comfortable in my job or that’s a rationalization and I am actually afraid of change.

Personal Development – 4.0 –  Still the same, no I guess that’s not true.  Since I focused on me for 21-days and learned some things I am bumping this to a 5.0.  I guess I have also been more consistent at gaining knowledge from audio books and NPR.

Friends – 5.0 – A bit of improvement.  I made a new friend and I joined an interesting group about cinema that has a lot of cool people so I am optimistic.  I have lost some friends that I wouldn’t have expected to lose in the most recent years – just by growing apart – I don’t do particularly well with long-distance miss some of my college and high school buddies and feel like life is moving too fast to connect and not sure if they want to as much as I do. Did go on a trip to California with a close friend and we reconnected and had a great time.

Finances – 4.0 – This is down a bit.  Seems like I just keep spending and the bills keep coming.  I am really thinking about doing a 21-day journey to focus on this area.  Having 3 kids and knowing that college is only a few years around the corner is pretty daunting, we have been saving and still, it stresses me out a few days a week.

Spiritual dev – 6.0 – No movement here on this journey and it’s solid.  I go to church almost every Sunday. Sometimes I feel like I am just doing it because that is how I was raised. And the sermon usually is meaningful and helps me to be grateful and focus on what really matters. Not sure how I feel about God and I do feel connected to the church and I know it grounds me. I feel like I often see the spiritual side of things and this helps me to take life in stride and remember the bigger picture.

Intimacy – 6.0 – Definite movement here.  I have gotten much more real with people and shared with them “radically transparently” about what matters to me and how I care about them.  I didn’t even plan to impact this area and it just seemed to happen through the virtual hugs.  Relationships have generally become deeper and more meaningful.

Self-care – 5.0 — Up to a 5 and still more work to do.   I enjoy being active and I go on hikes pretty regularly- still I know that I smoke and drink too much and that it is messing with me.  Drinking about the same and smoking less.

Romance – 4.0 – Big improvement here.  We are talking and listening more. I know and appreciate my wife so much more and I’m taking responsibility for my marriage much more and blaming my wife less.

These were my thoughts before: Well for where I am at in my marriage I think we are having sex pretty regularly and we both still really enjoy it, but there really isn’t much romance it’s more like routine. I definitely want to cut down on the smoking because I don’t think it helps from the romance angle and I want to try some new and different things and surprise my partner. Wow, I had no idea I would have rated this so low at a 1 considering we have really good sex.  This is a wake-up call.

Fitness – 3.0 –  Improvement here, started running with my son.  Not as often as I would like and we are doing it, enjoying it, and talking about doing it more.

Social – 6.0 –  This remains about the same and I am pretty satisfied with it.

Life purpose – 6.0  This moved up 1 point.  I am still going to church regularly and I seem to listen to them differently and appreciate them more.  I am also involved in some church groups that I am enjoying and making a difference in my community.  Still want more alignment with what really matters to me and work and that will come in time.

Physical Environment – NO Change – 3.0 Home is good. I’m happy in my house and I feel at peace. I love my study and the family room. We do need to paint the outside of the house and that bugs me because it is way overdue and on my list of things to do. The big issue is work. I am in a cubicle and I have no windows. I feel like when I am there sometimes that I am like a flower that is wilting because of the artificial lights. Supposedly it is temporary and we are going to have a state of the art facility in which I will have a window with a view, but they have been talking about that for over a year now and haven’t even broken ground on the new facility. Sometimes I just want to bang my head on my desk. I do my best to get outside and take a walk, but most of the time I am just too damn busy and I eat lunch at my desk. I can feel my blood starting to boil as I am thinking about this I think I need to move it down to a 3.0 or less. I mean I spend like 60 hours a week in that f’ing cubicle.

Great work. Now that you have completed your ratings you have a tool to help you to choose what you want to focus on in your first 21-day hugging journey. You may pick one specific domain such as JJ did in focusing on her mother and getting closer to her. You may also choose a number of domains that resonate for you and work at improving your fitness, finances and physical environment. The challenge is to choose what feels right to work on, right now, and do so in a way holding yourself accountable and steadily moving forward. In addition, when you don’t have steady movement being radically transparent about why you might have gotten stuck and putting a plan in place to support you on the next day of your hugging journey.

Each person’s journey is unique to them, and notice that forgiving yourself and forgiveness are a big part of the journey to let us each fully embrace this moment and what really matters to us most.