Hello CUBA!

Dr. Stone Travels

Why Cuba? Why 21 seconds? Why now?

Americans haven’t been able to visit Cuba since the Cuban missile crisis in the 1960s, but travel

has recently been opened, so now we have the opportunity to reach out. Let’s make friends.

I have discovered the beauty of the 21-second Global Hug, and I thought, what better place to

start than Cuba? The hug releases the powerful brain hormone, oxytocin, otherwise known as the

peace hormone. Doesn’t the world need that today?

Why a Global Hug?

A hug brings people closer to each other. The peace hormone is released in everyone, no matter

their country or culture. In this video, we'll be taking the Global Hug to Cuba. We thought it

would be really cool to see if Cubans would be open to a 21-second hug from an American.

We aren’t going to guess what the Cuban culture is like; we are going to discover it firsthand.

We plan to interview anyone who declines the hug, people who haven’t had the Global Hug yet,

and people who have experienced it.

Potential questions to ask both Americans and Cubans:

 What are hugs like in Cuba?

 How do parents hug their children?

 Were you hugged as a child?

 Do friends hug here when they meet?