Gary’s Journey


Gary begins his #21DayHug Journey. His transformation is inspiring.



In this video, Gary shares his joy by all the love he received from his post about his #21DayHug Journey.



In Day 3 of his journey, Gary shares a hug with his son Nathaniel.



On Day 4, Gary shares a hug with me! I also talk tips on having amazing success for your journey.



On Day 5, he posts about his love for his mom and sending her a virtual hug. Send your mom a hug today!



On Day 6 Gary talks about a wonderful note his son left for him, he also shares a gift he received from a friend. Ready for your journey?


Day 7 part 1 is SUPERCHARGED!



On Day 7 part 2, Gary hugs his neighbors.



On Day 8 Gary gives himself a hug to honor the work he has experienced in his journey.



On Day 9, Gary shares about the connection he has to a his friend who was in Desert Storm with him.



Day 10 for Gary – wow! He sends a big hug to all the people in the military who are not able to come home for the holidays.



It’s Day 11 and Gary met with a class of kids who all wrote letters to his cousin Cody. Cody is in the military and unable to come home for Christmas.



On Day 12 he shares how over 110 cards from the kids at Valley Middle School were sent to his cousin Cody! So far Gary has hugged a total of 15 strangers over the course of his journey. Now it’s your turn!



On Day 13 he acknowledges how his depression and anxiety has been lifted due to this hugging journey. Embrace it!



Gary is now on Day 14 and he sends a hug and lots of love to his little brother and his family.



On Day 15, Gary is sending a hug to his sister who lost her step-mom.



On Day 16, Gary shows off his sanctuary aka man-cave. Plus he challenges friends and family to see all through the lens of a hug.



On Day 17, Gary is back in his sanctuary which he describes as the space of a hug.



Gary is on Day 18 where he and I are working with other St. Louisans to protest the closing down of a homeless shelter!



Gary sends out a 21 second hug to all his family and talks about his Christmas miracle!



Gary lands Day 20 on Christmas Day. He sends his hugs and thoughts to his dad. Hug your dad today!



He made it to Day 21! He shares how profound his journey has been and is now radically transparent with everyone he loves. Truly amazing! Gary has shown such courage in sharing this journey with the world 🙂