Dr. Stone selected in 2017 for the TLC show

Dr. Stone Media

Stone was selected in 2017 for the TLC show with Theo Lewis Clark which is pending for a nationally syndicated radio show. Stone worked with Theo Lewis Clark creating a program called “Big Big Hugs with the Hug Doctor.” They taped an introductory 10 segments of “Big Big Hugs with the Hug Doctor” designed to give people concrete tools to powerfully integrate hugging and ‘the space of a hug’ into their lives. Hugging Ambassador, Gary Havel Jr. also did an initial segment overviewing his experience of his 21 day hugging journey and the profound difference it has and is making in his life.

The TLC show, “the TLC show, tender-loving care with the big teddy bear Theo Lewis Clarke, I don’t know about you but I can feel a little love movement going on here hate and division they are not sustainable models. The TLC show is happy to be associated with this positive movement going on. All of the fun things we do on this show advances happiness and love in some way. A refuge for love, sanctuary for goodness and positivity, outlet for your proactive unmitigated joy, so let the TLC show be a megaphone and platform for giving and a conduit to life long friendships.”