Doctor Stone’s Journey

Come along with me on my own #21DayHug Journey. Start your own journey here!

On Day 2, I’m hanging with and hugging Roseanne – “It was lovely.”

On Day 3, I’m at strands and I got a HUG on my head!

On Day 4, I’m at TEDxGatewayArch BOUNCE! and hugged Jarrett!

Day 5, I got a sweet hug from a new friend!

Day 6, I was in a grateful space and share with you how cool this #21DayHug Journey has been for me and what gifts it can bring to you.

It’s Day 7, and I answer some questions from a little birdie.

On Day 8, I’m with my friend Craig, meet him!

Hugging is the answer! On my way to Boulder, CO and it was time for new friend anniversary hug.

On Day 10, I’ve made it to Boulder and it is gorgeous – feeling as if I am in the space of a hug.

On Day 11, I was given the gift to coach a hug between friends in Boulder.

Another Day 11 hug I was able to coach with some folks who know their sangria.

On Day 12, if hugging is the answer, then what is the question?

On Day 13, I’m stranded in Boulder due to weather, my socks are soaking wet, and guess what I did?

On Day 13, lucky for me I met 2 new special friends who are on a mission of World Peace

Two-thirds of the way through my journey and thinking about my dear friend Raphael.

On Day 15, I visit a cute candy store, thinking about sweet moments.

On Day 16, I talk about how the #21DayHug meets you where you are –and you get to come along on my jog.

On Day 17, I am at a protest about the closing of a homeless shelter in my home town.

On Day 18, I found a magical elf at Starbucks – a hug was a must!

It’s Day 19, I talk about spreading the love with lollipops.

On Day 20, I am honored to be hanging out with Hugging Ambassador Gary Havel, Jr.

It’s Day 21, and it’s profound! Now it’s your turn to start your #21DayHug Journey, begin today!