Starting Your 21-Day Hugging Journey

Here are your Action Items

STEP 1:  Sign up for Dr. Stone’s “Hugging Support” emails

STEP 2:  Decide on your Hugging Goal or Intention and set it in motion with this following declaration: “Today I am starting my 21-Day Hugging Journey by…” 

You may choose to do this on social media or however feels most meaningful and supportive of your goals. Some people do it privately via a journal or even a voice recorder.

The Hug Doctor’s Advice: Your journey may be as simple as “I’m going on a 21-day hugging journey to create more adventure in my life, be closer to my family, embrace physical fitness, or enjoy my job more. A “hug” in this case doesn’t limit you to any one area. It acknowledges your desire to have more energy in some particular area of your life. From there you can start to discover your next creative steps. Basically, don’t get hung up on getting the intention perfect, just take action NOW.

STEP 3:  Choose a potential Hug Accountability Partner and make concrete plans to reach out to them later today or contact them right now.

The Hug Doctor’s Advice: You don’t have to have a one, but it is highly recommended. This is a powerful tool to keep you grounded, focused and present with consistency on your journey. If you aren’t able to find a partner, please reach out to Hugging Central and we will help to connect you with one of ours.


STEP 5:  Create an overview of some concrete actions and plans you have for the next 21 days and ideally you should put them on your calendar for each of the next 21 days to stay on track.

STEP 6:  Join our private Facebook Group for Hugging Journey Members.

STEP 7:  After you have completed your 21-Day Hugging Journey complete the HUGGING LIFE POST-EVALUATION. This will provide a snapshot of how you did and set you up for success on your next 21-Day Hugging Journey!

STEP 8:  Tell your friends about our Hugging Movement and invite them to consider exploring their own Hugging Adventure!