Where Hugs are the Key to a Happier and Healthier Life

I’m a therapeutic coach, speaker, author and clinical psychologist with a passion for helping people live more powerful, peaceful and happier lives.

As The Hug Doctor, I see relationships through the lens of a hug. A hug is not only an incredible, comforting, physical show of affection. More importantly, it's a practice that assists each of us in lowering walls and creating meaningful connections.

I have devoted my life to developing the skills, tools, attitudes and practices to become a world-class hugger. I want to teach you what that means, how you can do the same, and why hugs truly matter.

A hug allows us to be more open and grateful for the magic and moments that life has in store for all of us.

Discover What the Journey can do for You

    That you are here means that you’re curious about how a hug can change your life. Here you'll learn how this life affirming action can make a meaningful difference for you.

    The simple act of a hug takes us into the present moment, and away from distractions. It allows us in an instant, to be more connected, and less divided. Embracing ourselves, our lives and everyone around us is as much a way of living, as it is a physical hug.


      Here are just some of the reasons a 21-Day Hugging Journey could be for you:

        • Gain more confidence
        • Get clarity about loving yourself
        • Boost your relationships
        • Experience openness and greater trust
        • Discover a new lens through which to view the world
        • Increase joy
        • Learn to be present for & enjoy the moment
        • Remember you are a leader
        • Learn to connect with yourself and others
        • Understand the power and importance of vulnerability
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      Discover Some Recent Hugging Journeys

      Right Now in the Hug Zone

      Supporting the DePaul USA 5K Run

      You have officially entered the ((HUG ZONE)), where you can find me supporting my community through Hug Therapy.

      Depaul USA St. Louis supports people experiencing homelessness, and last year I went on a 21-Day Hugging journey along with a group of Job Corps students and staff  to support their mission as part of their annual 5K event. 

      Their vision is that everyone has a place to call home and a stake in the community. In St. Louis, Project MORE and PLUS provided over 70 units of permanent supportive housing to individuals who were chronically homeless.  In October 2017, Lazare House opened to house 15 chronically homeless individuals between the age of 18 to 24 years old.

      For last year's event they encouraged participants to dress up like their favorite Wizard of Oz Character.  Food was provided after the run/walk in Tower Grove Park in South St. Louis City, and I offered hugs to those in attendance. I so look forward to their upcoming 2019 run/walk later this year!

      In the meantime, be part of my Hugging Movement by starting your own 21-Day Hugging Journey below...